Adirondack Style Painted Furniture Adirondack Style Painted Furniture 24 inch storage bench This cute little bench fits perfectly along side your front door. Perfect to store hats, mittens or to keep things handy for walking the dog. Faux birch bark and sticks frame the prowling bear. The sides are painted with pine boughs and pine cones. 171472035 Small Frame Faux Birch Bark Frame 5inches with 2 inch opening. Perfect for that snap shot at camp. 171472038 Rustic Pine side Table 24 Inch Pine table with old fashioned fish painted on top. Great for your fisherman's den. 171472039 Adirondack Chair Scene of a Night sky in the Adirondacks, complete with the faux making's for some-mores camp treat. yummy 171472040 Adirondack Chair Arm detail showing the faux marshmallows and graham crackers with chocolate bar. Did you notice the uninvited guests? 171472041 Adirondack Snowman This cute guy is 14" tall and is all decked out with hat, scarf and Mittens. He is holding a snow globe and his friend the blue Jay sets on his arm. 189763263 Barred Owl Barred Owl painted on a great northern wild turkey feather. Matted and framed. 189763264 White Tail Buck Hand saw with an oil painting of a beautiful buck. This is different as it hangs vertically on a wall or leaning against your fireplace. 189763265 Large buzz saw blade These one of a kind blades are custom painted just for you. Please call with your request. 189763266 Hydrangea Chair Arm Blue Hydrangea on a soft sage background. 190065372 Hydrangea Chair Back Informal arrangement of Pink, White and Blue blossoms. 190065373 Hydrangea Chair This was painted for IIion Days a couple years ago. You can order one 190065374 Lilac Chair This was painted for another Ilion Days, in honor of the Ilion Garden Club. 190065375 Lilac Chair Arm 190065376 Lilac Chair Seat Tromp Ole style painting of a straw hat 190065377 Lilac Chair Back Blue Lilacs and Daisy's. Feel free to call and order. 190065378 USA Tribute Chair Painted this chair for the 2014 Ilion Days 195104177 Tribute Chair left arm TrompeOle of the bill of rights 195104179 Tribute Chair right arm Cup of LiberTea 195104180 Storage bench Front Panel with playful bear 195104181 Canned Tulips Acrylic on Board 195104182 Storage Bench Wading Moose 195104183